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OK, I'm just trying this out.


It did a Goodreads import but there were SEVERAL books I had NOTHING WHATSOEVER EVER TO DO WITH IN MY LIFE, shown on my shelves, some with ratings, some I think even had reviews WTF>?!!?!?!? I have no idea which of my books did not get properly imported and instead got replaced by this garbage data. I did a pass through my shelves and deleted them, because WTF I do not want to be associated with garbage data, or garbage books.


I lost the info on when I read a book (when I finished reading it), which was my original #1 purpose for using Goodreads: just logging that. (Edit: OK, no I guess it's still there, though the Timeline uses WAY too much space to represent it--how about a simple list view? And I like that reviews = blog posts which may not have the same timestamp as the day I finished reading, but I'd like to be able to see just one or the other, not both for all of my books. But for the books from the DIDN'T FINISH category from Goodreads (see next ¶), the date of not-reading (the date I abandoned the book) didn't get imported, and instead it got set to last week, I guess when my data was imported.)


And I want to log books which I started reading and chose to stop. They are not books I have read, they are not books I am planning to read, they are books I logged and want to publicly state that I WILL NOT read. There's no possible way to mark this status.


A little frustrating. But you guys are brand new and developing and things look promising. I'm still doing Goodreads for now but I'll try to pay more attention and maybe switch over here in the future.